Guide to Vitamins


Vitamins and minerals are considered as essential nutrients, especially for those who are under heavy strain during work or daily sports activities. Supplementing your body with vitamins and minerals contributes to the normal performance during everyday tasks and sports activities as well. WIDE SPECTRUM MULTIVITAMINS Our multivitamin/mineral formulas contain a high dose of essential nutrients. Many of our products are fortified with a higher dose of vitamin B-complex and vitamin C (rosehip), and boast essential nutrients – magnesium, zinc and selenium among others - in an increased amount. Some of our complex formulas provide further extras, eg. extra amino acids, carnitines, stimulants, Glucosamine-Chondroitin- MSM, mixed herbs and other ingredients.


Vitamin C is helpful in protecting cells against oxidative stress, while contributing to normal collagen production and maintaining the normal condition of cartilages, bones, veins, gums, teeth and skin. Furthermore, it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system during and after intensive training sessions; its beneficial effects can be achieved by an extra intake of 200 mg vitamin-C on top of the recommended daily amount. Vitamin-D contributes to the normal operation of muscles and the immune system, the maintenance of bones and the conditioning of teeth, while redounding the absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorous. Magnesium supplements normal protein synthesis, boosts neural functions (such as neurotransmission and muscle-contraction, including myocardial contractions), helps alleviating exhaustion, while contributing to energy yielding metabolic processes and electrolyte balancing.